Dental Insurance Minnesota

What do you do when you have family history of poor dental conditions? perhaps you are self employed.. now what!… Well folk’s do not worry!

When you are in search of the perfect dental insurance you have come to the right place. However there are some key facts that you need to understand before choosing your policy.

  1. What is the yearly maximum (most employers are around $1,000 per year)?
  2. What are the waiting periods if any?
  3. How much is your deductible if any?
  4. What are the structured coverage for the different tiers of services?
    1.  Basic preventative care coverage
    2. Basic restorative services such as fillings
    3. Major care such as implants

When you google “Dental Insurance Minnesota” hopefully you were not bombarded with a million different useless links, HOPEFULLY you found our site! Here you can get a few easy quotes, as well as ask us to custom create a dental and vision plan for you.

Just remember for good Dental Insurance Minnesota rates, we can offer the best value by shopping around several top carriers for you!

What coverage options do we offer?


For someone who has a low need for dental service and a value plan is a better fit we have coverage that will fit your budget but also offer you piece of mind for any accidental repairs needed or simple yearly cleanings.

For those who may need the extra touch we have service coverage that goes as high as $3,000 per year (3x the average!)

We also have coverage that includes orthodontics for your children!.

How do you pick these coverage’s?

Start by determining your level of need, then choose your copay percentage that offers the maximum payment from the insurer that fits within your budget.


Group Coverage

Are you an employer who would like to offer dental insurance in Minnesota?

Use the contact us page for a free proposal on plans that fit your groups needs at affordable rates.

Below are several options for quoting Dental and Vision, If you would like us to customize quotes for you please click the free quote button at the bottom of this page.

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