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health insurance may cover your illnessesThis weeks Topic: Critical Illness Coverage!

One of the most common forgotten insurance coverage’s is critical illness coverage. Many people forget that while health insurance may cover your illnesses, it does not pay your mortgage, utilities or other household bills.

One of the most cost effective ways to fix this and provide protection for yourself and your family is by purchasing life insurance that includes critical illness and terminal illness riders, these riders are generally pennies on the dollar and FREE in many product lines! Check out Protective Life for a great life insurance plan that includes a terminal illness benefit that will advance a portion of your life insurance death benefit (We Agents call this “Living benefits”), to get a quote for protective simply click here Protective Quote , Another great option is United Health’s Critical Care Insurance that stands on its own. I recently Quoted a 26 year old Man for $6.08 per month! less than the cost of a can of soda! Click the link below to quote!

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